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Get the products you want, delivered today, while supporting retailers in your local community. Beer, wine, alcohol, groceries, convenience and hardware items, and gourmet foods are just a few of the items available right now.
For a limited time, you get free delivery on orders over $100! Imagine that, supporting your community, getting the quality items you want, all with free delivery.


Elise R.

I am a big believer in supporting local retailers. Localisity saves me hours running store to store!

Olivia S.

I needed a last minute gift for my sister’s birthday. Localisity helped me find it at a local retailer and even delivered it!

Alison G.

I needed some wine last minute for guests on a Friday night. Localisity saved the day! I’ll be using them again and again.

Dustin W.

I needed some tools to finish fixing my sink. It was raining and I didn’t want to walk to the my hardware store. Localisity delivered everything I needed!