About Us

About Us

Let’s make it possible to buy from local stores, even when we don’t have the time to get there in person.

That’s why we created Localisity.

For The Love of Local

Localisity was created by locals, for locals. We believe in the power of self-sufficiency and in enabling retailers to thrive in their communities by offering superior services to their customers.

We provide our retail partners the tools necessary to give their customers the conveniences they deserve, like online shopping, delivery, and customized product recommendations.

Our mission is to increase our retail partners’ visibility in today’s modern buying process.

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Why Localisity?

We take a grassroots approach — we partner with local businesses by meeting with them face to face. We set up their inventories on our website, and make sure you know where the things you buy are coming from. We empower these businesses to continue to strengthen their communities by reaching customers in their neighborhood.

One thing that makes us stand out? We are accountable to our partnerships with these businesses. We’re in this together. We care about giving local stores a competitive edge in a crowded market that doesn’t want to make room.

Every day, local stores are losing their best customers to mega online delivery platforms. Now, more than ever, it’s time to change the system for the better.

One thing that remains true in the 21st century? Thriving local businesses make communities that we actually enjoy living in.

Let’s make that happen together.

Meet Our Team

Co-founder & ceo

Ben Dooley

Ben holds a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from Harvard Business school, an MS in Finance from Northeastern University, and a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of South Carolina.

Also active in the volunteer community, Ben served as an Associate Board Member and Volunteer Leader at Boston Cares and enjoys coaching and judging HS policy debate tournaments. He spends the remainder of his spare time indoor cycling and chiding his 5-lb Pomeranian for not using her princess stairs.




Bharath Parlapalli

Bharath has a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics from Harvard Business School and a Masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Arkansas. He received the Addy Award in 2013 for Best Business-Facing Website and was selected for the Start-ups in Analytics Panel at HBS.

In Bharath’s spare time, he enjoys reading about the origins of civilization, human collaboration, and how to improve productive and quality social interactions between communities.


Noemi Rhodes

Noemi has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Emerson College as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Allegheny College. Noemi is also a Chautauqua Writers’ Festival scholar, and hosted the John C. Sturtevant Single Voice Reading Series.

In her spare time, Noemi enjoys writing short fiction, ballroom dancing, and the question of what it means to be Post-human. She likes bread.


Jessica Hutto

 In 2015 Jessica and her husband established a large poultry production farm. A combination of hard work, determination, and the involvement of the local community resulted in what is now a prosperous and self-sustaining business.

Jessica enjoys watching sunsets, landscape photography, and spending time with her family. Whether in a book or on TV, she loves true crime, partially due to her time as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher and Corrections Officer. She is also an animal lover who has made a home for many pets in need over the years.


Tristan Marchand

Tristan is an undergraduate student at Boston University pursuing Bachelors in both Economics and Computer Science. He’s a regular student on the Dean’s List and is also the Vice President of an on-campus club.
Tristan grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and spent most of high school as a musician, performing weekly around the city, and sometimes would travel to perform in cities like Los Angeles and Dallas. He loves music, sports, fitness, and corgis. Most importantly corgis.


Karim Lakhani

Karim is a professor and fellow at the Harvard Business School. He is the founder and co-director of the Laboratory for Innovation Science, the principal investigator of the NASA Tournament Laboratory at the Harvard Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and co-founder of the Harvard Business School Digital Initiative. He is on the board of Mozilla Corporation and Local Motors.


Vaibhav Kamboj

Vaibhav is an angel investor and experienced entrepreneur with 12 Years of functional and technical expertise in ERP solutions, integration strategy, business process management, data analytics and business intelligence.  He is co-founder of a startup in Blockchain Technology to digitize and build efficiencies in the Education ecosystem.

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