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We list your products online on Facebook & Google Marketplace for increased visibility.

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One call and our team is at work setting up your online storefront. We know exactly how to target your customers where they spend the most time: online. No more wasted time and effort taking phone orders/appointments.

Leverage our Delivery Network of over 1,000 drivers

We empower local retailers to sell to, compete for, and stay relevant to their customers beyond their physical storefront.

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Most frequent questions and answers

An online storefront is an e-commerce solution for retailers who want to advertise their products and services & to generate customer transactions online. 

We will establish a personalized storefront for your business on Localisity that includes up to 250 individual products.

Further inventory management is available at additional costs.

We will always be your strongest advocates. Just by claiming your online storefront, your products and services gain greater visibility among locally-minded consumers who might be browsing the Localisity catalog for  batteries, prosecco, or pineapples!


We also list your products of Facebook and Google Marketplace for enhanced visibility. In addition, we curate a customer email list specifically for your marketing needs.

Localisity has a network of over 1,000 delivery drivers in the greater Boston area, ready to speedily get your products from your business to your loyal customers with same-day delivery.


But if you prefer to stick to in-house delivery or to offer store pick-up, no problem.  You know what’s best for your business!

POS integration is one of our most exciting new projects, but it’s not quite ready yet!

If POS integration is important to your local business, please reach out to our team for a custom consultation.

We select the initial 250 products to list on our site based on the top movers in your inventory  report. Of course, you will have final say on what we list on  Localisity.

Whenever you want! Contact support@localisity.com to add/modify inventory.

We do! Localisity handles all transaction fees on our end.

Absolutely! Your business’s website is home base for your customers who are looking to shop from you online. We simply ask that you also provide a link to your Localisity storefront for greater ease of access.

Not at all — Localisity contracts are on a month-to-month basis. You  are free to cancel your subscription whenever you need to.