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Offer Delivery​ for Free

75% of online shoppers expect free shipping.

About 75 percent of consumers expect free shipping even on orders of less than $50. Baby boomers expect free shipping the most, with 88% of boomers expecting free shipping on orders $50 and less. Even if it means items will take longer to arrive, 90% of shoppers want free shipping. (Source: NRF).

Sell Your Products on Social​

78% of consumers enjoy social media shopping.

The NRF reports that 88% of shoppers who have made a purchase through social channels, such as Instagram or Facebook Shop, are interested in purchasing through social media again. (Source: NRF Consumer View).

Let Customers Shop Your Store 24/7​

64% of consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping. 

The biggest draw for shopping online is the ability to shop whenever from wherever. Consumers also shop online because it is easier to find a specific product they are seeking. (Source: NPR/Marist Poll).

Meet Your Customers Where They Are​

Stores like Home Depot, Target, and CVS tie their online websites to their brick and mortar stores. This way, they can offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of online shopping with the customer service of the local neighborhood team. 

(Source: Wall Street Journal).

Advertise on Multiple Channels

Social media influences 87% of online shoppers.

A very high 87% of online shoppers believe social media plays an important role in their shopping decisions. Almost three-quarters of consumers also say that there has been a direct link between watching a video online and making a purchase. (Source: Adweek).

Embrace Impulse Culture

Almost 80% of younger consumers impulse buy online . Of the millions of Americans who shopped online in 2018, 44% made an impulse purchase. Younger consumers make many more unplanned purchases than the average shopper. Of Generation Z consumers, 76.7% have made online impulse buys, and 78.2% of millennials have made online impulse purchases. (Source: CNBC)

Know Your Customers (Better)

33% of Americans shop at online-only grocery retailers “at least occasionally” (up from 28% in 2018 and 16% in 2018).

Compared to shoppers overall, frequent online grocery shoppers are more likely to be male; a millennial or GenZ, parents, college-educated, with household income over $100k, and urban (Source: Hartman Group).

Meet Your Customers on Mobile

Mobile shopping expected to increase by 56%.

Your current and potential customers are on their phones. Let’s meet them there. 

Online shopping conducted through smartphones accounted for roughly $117 billion in the U.S. in 2018. Sales made directly through smartphones is expected to hit $209 billion by 2022. (Source: Retail Dive).

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