Our community rewards program —​

because you deserve a little celebration​

Sign up today

You get 300 points just for signing up. Why? You take the time to buy local, to invest in your community, and to join ours! So really, you’ve earned them.

spend $1, get 5 points

For every $1 you spend, you’ll get 5 Local Points.

$20 on cleaning supplies = 100 Local Points.

$50 on groceries = 250 Local Points.

$100 on every flavor of ice cream = 500 Local Points!

happy birthday!

Did you know that Localisity was born on June 20th? But we want to celebrate you, so we’re giving the gift of 500 Local Points to use towards confetti, bubbly, cupcakes, honey buns, candles, sock puppets… etc.

get twice the points

Who said that you can only treat yourself once a month? Skip the traffic and lines by ordering from Localisity twice in the same month for double the points. That’s 10 points per dollar!

local points expire...

You wouldn’t want to miss out on your rewards! But the good news? Local Points expire after 90 days. That’s plenty of time to save up to 25% off your next Localisity order!

community perks

the breakdown

Local Points can be used to save up to 25% on each individual order